Season Information Spring 2015

*** All HYSA forms are fillable PDF files.  Please donwload them to your computer and open in Acrobat Reader.  You can fill them in, print, save or send them.  ***

Spring 2016 Season

January 30th      Team Reservations Due

February 10th                      Initial Schedule out


February 17th                    Final requests for changes


February 20th   Final Schedule uploaded to Affinity

February 22nd              Schedule posted on Arbiter for referees

February 27th   First game for U8 to U14 (March 5th first game for U16 and U19)

U8, U10, U12 and U14 will play 10 regular season games on Saturdays

U16 and U19 will have 10 regular season games on Sundays

Locations – East Side, North Side and West Side locations will be used for games

March 27th       Easter Sunday, NO GAMES

April 23rd         Roster Freeze for U8, U10, U12 and U14 Playoffs

May 14th          Playoffs for U8, U10, U12 and U14 – Location TBD

May 21st             Roster Freeze for U16/19 divisions

June 5th            Last Sunday for U16 and U19 divisions (13 weekends for 10 games)

June 12th          Playoffs for U16 and U19 divisions



We will continue to have two flights per division where enough teams are available.  Flight A is designed for experienced teams playing at the highest level of competition.  Flight B is dedicated to teams with developing players to play at a balanced level of competition.  Please specify which flight you would like your team to play in on the Team Reservation Form.


U8 – will play 4 a side with no goal keepers (see Rules and Regulations for specifics)

U10 – will play 7 a side with goal keepers and 7’ x 21’ goals (6’x 18’ if possible)

U12 – will play 9 a side and 8’ x 24’ full size goals or 7’x 21’ if available

U14 and up – will play 11 a side and use 8’ x 24’ full size goals

 U14 flight B will play 9v9

U16 and U19 will be divided based on gender and not into flight A and B

Age Group

Your player’s age group is determined by his/her age as of July 31st 2015.

For example: if he/she turns 9 on or prior to July 31st then he/she will be a U10 player for the fall and spring seasons. If he/she turns 9 on or after August 1st then he/she will be a U9 player for the fall and spring season regardless of when he/she turns 9.

Duration of Games and Size of Soccer Ball

BIHYSA league will follow the duration of the games and size of the ball to be used specified in the HYSA team manual, with the exception of U19, which will be 5 minutes shorter per half.

U8 – two 20 min halves, size 3 balls

U10 – two 25 min halves, size 4 balls

U12 – two 30min halves, size 4 balls

U14 – two 35min halves, size 5 balls

U16/19 - two 40min halves, size 5 balls




All division and flights will be scored to enable the placement of teams for playoffs in each division.  Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. Forfeits will be scored as a 4-0 win for the non-forfeiting team. Tiebreakers are determined by first head to head competition then goals for (max of 4/game) and then goals against.


For planning purposes the playoffs for U10, U12 and U14 will consist of a semi-final and final for the top 4 teams in each flight based on the scoring listed above. If a flight or division should have 4 or less teams then depending on field space we will go straight to a final game for the top two teams. 

Reserving Your Team

The Team reservation form will be used to make the schedule and roster the coaches and managers to the appropriate teams.  Please include an email address for someone from each team, so that request for referee evaluations (NEW for Fall 2015!) can automatically be emailed to that person.  Include with your reservations any scheduling requests for this season. Requests made after the deadline will be honored on a case-by-case basis.

Team reservations need to be emailed or mailed to the following address: or 44-2881 Kalopa Mauka Rd., Honokaa, HI 96727

Team fees may be paid using Pay Pal or check made out to “Big Island HYSA League”

NEW for Fall 2015:

Withdrawal of a team after their initial reservation but before the final schedule is posted results in a forfeit of ½ fee.  If a team withdraws after the final schedule is posted but before the season begins they will forfeit ¾ of their team fee.  If a team withdraws once the season begins (after the first BI-HYSA game), the entire team fee will be forfeited.

Team fees

Team fees are based on the length and number of games you play and the cost of the referees.  In addition, the team fee includes a charge for field maintenance and scheduling which are based on the number of field players for a team.  There is also a $50 refundable forfeit fee added to each team, which will be refunded in part or total in the event that a team does not forfeit during the season.  For a complete breakdown of these charges see the Rules and Regulations for BI-HYSA.

U8 – 12 games for $330

U10 – 12 games for $390

U12 – 12 games for $560

U14 flight A – 12 games for $640

U14 Flight B – 12 games for $620

U16/U19 – 12 games for $700 

Player Registraion

All player registration forms, usable photos, copy of player birth certificate and team rosters for those players wanting to play in the first game need to be in along with payments to the league registrars by no later than February 17th, 2016.  League registrars would prefer to have player registrations and team rosters as soon as they are available and add any lagging players on before the deadline.  The league will only guarantee that players will be properly registered 10 days after the league registrars receive payment and all the proper paper work.  Multi Roster players are guaranteed to be rostered after 3 days of receiving the Player Status form.  Players may register anytime throughout the year (August 1st – July 31st).  U8 players cannot be younger than 5 years old.

For the quickest response teams should take digital photos of the players and email those photos to the registrars. If you send a hard copy it needs to be a recognizable 1 ¼” by 1 ¼”.  This also is the best way to send copies of the player Membership forms and copies of birth Certificates.

If you decide to mail informs, the registrar addresses are as follows:

Hilo Area                                Registrar 169 Laula Rd Hilo, HI 96720

Kona and North Hawaii       Registrar P.O. Box 1602, Kamuela, HI 96743


Player Fee Schedule

Player Registration for August 1, 2015-July 31st 2016 = $45

Fee to multi-roster a player primary registered with an off island team = $15

All payments for Player Registrations must be made through PayPal, which is located on the Coaches/Administrators page. You may use your credit card or your Club PayPal account. 

League Policies

This is not a complete list of all of the Rules and Regulations for BIHYSA (please refer to BIHYSA Rules and Regulations and the HYSA Team manual).  However, these are some important policies that may affect your registration or rostering of players for this season:

·         A player may play up one division but there may not be more than a 3-year age difference between players. On a case-by-case basis with parental approval and BI-HYSA Board approval, a player may play with a greater than 3 year age difference. For those players please submit a Play up Waiver found on the BI-HYSA website and have your coach state your case to the BI-HYSA board.

·         Multi Rostering will be limited to 3 players for teams with less than 8 players a side, 4 players for teams with 8 to 10 players aside. 5 players with teams playing 11 aside. This limit applies to player’s multi rostered from within the league.

·         The league has adopted a policy of requiring each team to list a referee that will be able to referee games. We would like to see a ratio of half a ref for each team.

·         If a team forfeits a game but would still like to engage in a scrimmage, substitute players must have member card present and play in the correct age division. In addition any cards that are issued count towards your season total.

·         All coaches are required to have a (E) license to coach in the Big Island League. There is a one-year grace period for new coaches. 

·         Only persons having in their possession a valid Risk Management badge issued to them may actively participate with a team during a HYSA sanctioned game or activity. This means that all coaches that will be on the technical side of the field must have completed a Volunteer Disclosure Form (risk management form) (Only those coaches and/or administrator and players participating in the current game may be on the technical side).  The form and directions may be found at The application must be filled out online. Be advised it takes a month if not more to get your ID.

·         Recertification is required for all coaches each year to coach in the BI-HYSA league. The board has adopted a policy of requiring each BI-HYSA coach to continue his/hers education through either upgrading his/her license or by taking an approved coaching clinic.