2014 Fall Playoffs

The Big Island League of HYSA is a league comprised of individual clubs or teams, much like Pop Warner or the Pony leagues. The Big Island league has been around for nine years and is part of the State Organization (HYSA).  The State Organization is a member of US Youth Soccer Association and US Soccer both national organizations.  USYSA is the largest of all the US Soccer affiliated youth organizations with a membership of 2.4 million nationally.


Big Island Fall Playoff Schedule 2014

U14s November 9th Parker Ranch Kona Side


U14B  2 v 3                         8:00am

U14A  2 v 3                         9:35am

U14B  1 v 4                         11:10am

U14A  1 v 4                        12:45pm

U14B Championship             2:20pm

U14A Championship             3:55pm


U8s November 15th  Parker School 


U8B    2 v 3                            9am

U8A    2 v 3                            10:15am

U8B    1 v 4                            11:30pm

U8A    1 v 4                            12:45pm

U8B    Championship               2pm

U8A    Championship                3:15pm


U10s November 15th Parker Ranch Waimea Side


U10B  2 v 3                            10:00am

U10B  1 v 4                            11:20am

U10A  2 v 3                            12:40pm

U10B  Championship               2:00pm

U10A  Championship               3:20pm


U12s November 15th Parker Ranch Kona Side


U12B  2 v 3                            8:30am

U12A  2 v 3                            10:00am

U12B  1 v 4                            11:30am

U12A  1 v 4                            1:00pm

U12B  Championship               2:30pm

U12A Championship                4:00pm

College Planning

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